Hear, hear: References is now on all major resale platforms 🤗

Here we are on Grailed—and Depop! And Poshmark! And Vestiaire Collective!

Each @referencesnyc listings page is unique: some pieces are available on multiple platforms, while others we’ve only posted where they make the most sense. We encourage you to explore all of them if you want to check out all 100+ pieces that we’ve posted so far, or just go to the one you use the most anyway—the mood is: choose-your-own-secondhand-adventure.

Every single piece you’ll see—from this Dolce & Gabbana pencil skirt to this Reebok x Pyer Moss hoodie, and from this super unique wool & shearling statement jacket to this vibrant Farm Rio romper—comes from the home of a New Yorker who booked a References pickup. We carefully inspect & authenticate every garment, repair what needs fixing, and sanitize or clean each piece to secondhand perfection.

We’ve said this before (right here, under “Why A Collection”): not *everything* needs to get resold. Resale is a solution to the complicated problems fashion faces due to the ever-multiplying volumes of clothes it has produced and keeps producing every season. But it’s not the solution. 

We’ll expand upon this ^^ in due time (and yes, it will be super nerdy and annotation-heavy) but we repeat it now mainly to say: the pieces we deem as resale-eligible and that we make available through our Collections or now through the hype-fueled ‘digital thrift store’ ecosystem, represent a very special minority of the clothes we get our hands on.

Less than a quarter of the literal tons of clothes we’ve picked up so far is kept for reselling, and we’ve just started making those highlights available. Plenty are gone already but there’s a lot more to check out—like this super rare Rick Owens t-shirt. Or this NWT metallic tank by Paloma Wool. Or, in case you thought we’re highbrow-ing the situation, this crisp Uniqlo button-up.

Look out for more updates re: grails from our pickups later this month. For now, you’re welcome to follow and browse and even message us with feedback if you feel like it. Find @referencesnyc wherever you get your secondhand fix online and, to make things a little more interesting: if you make an offer for any piece through any of the platforms, use the phrase “No country for old SHEIN” in a DM or comment under the item, we’ll make sure you get special pricing just for getting this far into this blog post 😏