KATZ’S DELI Storefront T-Shirt


Many cities have local go-to spots that have over the years become famous tourist attractions—but no city can beat New York in that regard, and no restaurant is as characteristic of a New York establishment as Katz’s Delicatessen, “I’ll have what she’s having” and all.

But also: name one other city with “tourist merch,” like this black tee featuring a sketch of the iconic Katz’s storefront that qualifies as fashion—we’ll wait. PS: Everyone working at the actual deli, from the guys at the counter to the owner himself, wears this t-shirt on the daily.

Chest: 47”
Back Length: 30”
Shoulders: 23”
Sleeve Length: 8”

Excellent Secondhand: This piece is in pristine condition.

Indicated size: XL
Fabric content: 100% cotton
Made in: Honduras

This piece comes with complimentary shipping for all US orders.
No returns accepted unless otherwise agreed upon on a by-case basis.
International shipping available soon.

For international orders and/or any queries about returns, please email contact@references.nyc.


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