50% fashion, 50% climate anxiety.
A concierge for your resellable fashion & your proxy for quality local donations and transparent fabric recycling—packaged into a minimum-effort/maximum-impact service for the fashion mindful.

By invitation only.
We pick up clothes + fabrics from your door. Any number, any brand, any condition.
Approve your pickup debrief and you’ll get paid in days—or you can get everything back.
You see where everything goes with real data, not sustainability calculators.
50% fashion,
50% climate anxiety.
100% NYC.
The References Pickup Feed
Drop #1 is live now with some of the best pieces from our pickups.
introduces a fashion-minded approach to clothing recycling that’s based on the distribution of clothes & textiles across anyone who needs, wants, or can make the most of them.
Multiple distribution for maximum impact—across the entire spectrum of clothing recycling.
50% fashion, 50% climate change anxiety.
In other words,
we know what to do with your clothes.
Some of them you can resell for some $ or consign for more $$.
Some of them are needed by grassroots orgs & nonprofits that only take things their local communities are actively looking for.
Some of them can be made into new fabric, redesigned from scratch, or be repurposed as not-clothes, like insulation or cleaning rags.
And some of them just need to be disposed of in the least wasteful way possible.
And yet.
Most reselling options require too much effort for arguably not that much value.
Most clothes we give away via the traditional nonprofit donation cycle don’t actually get to the people who need them.
Most fabric recycling solutions are only available to businesses.
And most sustainability™ claims out there are often green speak & datawashing.
References is making technology that finds the best possible destination for any piece of used clothing or fabric, to make sure it won't go to waste—pun intended—and getting you money back for your nicer stuff in the process.
Resell, Repair, Recycle—Re-everything: We do it all, bringing together all possible routes of the complicated fashion recycling labyrinth in one straightforward, membership-enabled service:
1 - We’ll pick up clothes + fabrics from your door, anywhere in NYC. Any number, any brand, any condition.
2 - You’ll get paid for your resellables upfront, in days—or you can get everything back.
3 - You’ll get to see where everything will go—for transparency, impact understanding, or just FYI.
So, again:
we know what to do with your clothes.
Organizations we work with for clothing donations:
We currently do pickups on an invitation-only basis.
We'll be opening pickup requests periodically—but our schedule fills up fast.
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Resellers, designers, nonprofits—we have clothes for you : )
If you're sourcing for resale, need fabric for upcycling, or want to join our network of donation partners, we'd love to hear from you.
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Highlights from the References Pickup Feed
Drop #1 is live now.